Why French Bulldogs Are A Great Choice for Pet

Frenchies are effective watchdogs and have outgoing, playful, affectionate, warm, and loving personalities. They are great with children....
September 5, 2021

French Bulldogs As Pets

Nothing fits the bill more fo than French bulldogs for a great pet.

But before you get bombarded with the pros of owning a French bulldog, it’s best to understand first the basics of this very playful and affectionate dog breed, this way, you can have better information on what kind of dog breed it is.

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of dogs is the unconditional love and affection that we associate with them. We know that dogs love us, and we love them back. They are by far man’s best friend, and we know it to be true. Dogs are very affectionate, playful, and loyal.

French bulldogs are popularly known to be descendants of British Bulldogs. British royalty who transferred to France, later on, took their bulldogs with them. French dog lovers then took notice of the breed and took a fancy on them. Soon they were raising them and developed their own breed. This breed was then dubbed as the French bulldog, or as some dog breeders today call “Frenchies.”

As Americans have come to France and more French people have traveled to America, the French bulldog then became known on American soil, which led to its acceptance and inclusion in the roster of many dog breeding associations in the country. And up to this day, the French bulldog has been the breed of choice for many American households.

Now to the best part. The main reason why French bulldogs are the best choice for a house pet is due to many characteristics, reasons that are more or less when combined are unique to a French bulldog.

About Frenchies

First off is their size. Even if you have a small home, the French bulldog would fit perfectly as they are diminutive but large enough to act as a watchdog and can scare off would-be intruders. Usually, a French bulldog would grow up to 12 inches to their wither, or to the top of their shoulder. Given enough space to run and play, they can have sufficient exercise. The French bulldog is more comfortable in cooler environments, so they tend to stay indoors. And, you have to make sure you house train them as soon as possible.

Another great factor about the French bulldog is their temperament and personality. French bulldogs are very affectionate, they love to be cuddled and require human attention. They prefer to be treated as a member of the family and are very playful and safe with kids.

It is also easy to befriend them but still remain an effective watchdog, this is because they are highly intelligent. And because they can easily adapt to new surroundings, they can be very outgoing as long as the weather is not too hot. This means you can take them almost anywhere.

These are just some of the reasons why the French bulldog is a great choice as a pet. Click here to learn more about our available Frenchies.

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